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We Provide Real Time Data Solutions, Analysis, Analytics And Prediction

We've earned our reputation through word of mouth, a testament to the value we deliver. From the intricacies of Data Entry and the finesse of Forms Processing to the meticulous validation of Data and the profound insights within Title Documents, we're your all-encompassing data ally. Whether it's processing Surveys, managing Rebate Coupons, or automating Invoice Processing, we streamline your operations with unwavering precision. Our healthcare expertise respects privacy, ensuring patient data stays secure. We even navigate the complexities of Microfilm and Web Research. Gega Infotech thrives on trust, and trust alone.

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Our Services

Professional IT Services for Your Business


Title Documents Processing

We specialize in verifying property documents and ownership records, efficiently converting them into digital formats to enhance accessibility and data management for your needs.


Data Capturing from Blueprints & Drawings

We transform large handwritten blueprints and drawings into accessible, digital formats, serving architects, engineers, and city planners for efficient data utilization.


Microfiche/Microfilm Data Capture

We specialize in enhancing, cropping, and digitizing microfiche and microfilm images. We tailor these documents to your specifications, ensuring proper storage and accessibility.


Image Cropping

We excel in precise image cropping services, tailoring images to your specifications for enhanced visual appeal and data accuracy.



We are experts in redaction services, ensuring sensitive information is securely concealed while maintaining document integrity and compliance.


Handwritten docs

We specialize in digitizing and processing handwritten documents, transforming them into accessible digital formats, enhancing data management and readability.

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Our Vision

Gega Infotech envisions a future where data fuels transformation. Our mission is twofold: to consistently deliver unparalleled services, forging lasting relationships with our clients, and to drive growth, creating opportunities for diverse communities while delivering unparalleled value. Our vision transcends profitability; it's about shaping industries, enhancing lives, and fostering sustainable growth.

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